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JHF-4door-j3JHF needs your support.

Here’s information about how to contact JHF Ltd and our international partners, so that you can help JHF to bless others.

Thank you for your interest in contacting or blessing JHF. 

To make a donation online, click here or on the graphic to the right. The easiest way to connect is through our contacts page.

While donations to JHF (Jian Hua Foundation Ltd) may always be made to the office in Hong Kong, making donations to a partner outside HK (see below) may be beneficial for income tax purposes, for currency exchange benefits, or for reducing banking transfer fees.

Please clearly indicate if your support is for a specific person or project (example: “Yunnan Elder Care Project” or “B Smith work fund”), or “where needed most.” (See “Important information” at the bottom of this page.)



Mailing and Contact Information
Jian Hua Foundation, Ltd
9/F, Mongkok Harbour Centre; 638 Shanghai Street
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 3752 5100
Email: use the contact form on the “About us” page or click to send us email

Donation Information
By Cheque
Account Name: Jian Hua Foundation, Ltd (to be used on cheques)
By Electronic Transfer
Bank Name: The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited (HSBC)

The minimum bank fee is HKD100 per cheque.

Bank Address:
1 Queen’s Road Central,
Account Name: Jian Hua Foundation, Ltd.
Account Number: 411-177793-838

Hong Kong-USA Special Donations from abroad

People (or US registered companies) who wish to claim a tax deduction in either/both the US and Hong Kong can give donations (over US$103) to Jian Hua Foundation, Ltd, through “Friends of Hong Kong Charities, Inc.” FOHKC can also receive donations from other countries, but no tax receipts will be issued. FOHKC is a registered charity in both the US and in HK.

Please make your cheque payable to: Friends of Hong Kong Charities, Inc
State on the back of cheque – Beneficiary: Jian Hua Foundation, Ltd (indicate also donation designation, such as “Yunnan Projects” or “general operations”). Undesignated gifts will be used where needed most.

Mail it to our HK office (Jian Hua Foundation, Ltd; 9/F, Mongkok Harbour Centre; 638 Shanghai Street; Kowloon, Hong Kong). Both HK$ and US$ acceptable; all funds will go to JHF-HK (minus HK banking charges for US cheques, no charge for HK dollar donations). If you are interested in using a credit card or Paypal, click here and follow the instructions for “Option A.”

International Partners

Below you’ll find a list of some of the independent charities worldwide who stand with us, supporting our work in Hong Kong, and in China through our Representative Office, to serve the communities of China with hope and love.


Mailing and Contact Information
Jian Hua Foundation
c/o Mrs Naomi Morris
602 Shoemaker Ave.,
Jenkintown, PA 19046  USA
Tel: +1 (215) 572-0464
Email: click to send us email

Donation Information
Note that JHF-USA will close it’s bank account and change its address in Dec 2020. We are looking into alternatives. Send us email for more information.
By Cheque, using the address above:
Jian Hua Foundation (to be used on cheques)

To find out how to donate by stocks/bond, or how to send donations automatically, please ask us by email.

AmazonSmile is a simple, automatic way to help JHF whenever you shop on Amazon, at no cost to you. Just select “Jian Hua Foundation” as your supporting organization; 0.5% of eligible purchases will support the work of JHF. Click here to get started.


Contact Information
Jian Hua Foundation
Email: click to send a note

Donations can be sent directly to Hong Kong, or given online via “Friends of Hong Kong Charities” (see above for both). Why can’t I donate within the UK? After decades of receiving donations to support UK associates and JHF projects, we have been unable to replace our retired volunteer bookkeeper in the UK, and thus had to close our UK bank account. However, we continue to be an international partner with an active member care team supporting our people in the field, and promoting the opportunities for others to join them. Contact us for more information.



Financial Mailing and Contact Information
Peter Anderson, JHF (NZ)
14 Houghton Street, Meadowbank, Auckland 1072
New Zealand
Tel: +64 (0) 9 528 9279
Email: use the contact form on the “About us” page or click to send an email

Donation Information

By Cheque
Account Name: Jian Hua Foundation (NZ) (to be used on cheques)
By Bank Deposit
Bank Name: ANZ Bank
Account Name: Jian Hua Foundation (NZ)
Account Number: 06-0365-0001743-00


Click to visit our Dutch website

Mailing and Contact Information
Stichting Jian Hua Nederland
Brederhorst 22
6714 KD Ede
T: 0318 – 70 11 71
e-mail: click to send us an email

Donation Information
By Electronic Transfer: Giro 8043427
Stichting Jian Hua Nederland, The Hague, The Netherlands

Stichting Jian Hua Nederland is an official ANBI in The Netherlands.


For all other countries, please send your donations through the Hong Kong Corporate Office.

Important information

Regardless of how or where a donation is made, please clearly indicate your intentions (examples:  “medical work,” “B Smith work fund,” “general operations”). Undesignated gifts go where needed most. When mailing a cheque, include a separate note stating the amount of the donation, how it is to be used and the cheque number. A bank transfer should include a note line with how the donation should be used or a separate email should be sent stating the donation amount and transfer date.

If you have any questions about the designation of your donation, do not hesitate to contact our Hong Kong headquarters, or any of our partners for assistance.

THANK YOU for helping us serve the communities of China with hope and love.

For additional information, click on the “contact us” tab above. (Our Facebook address is “Jian Hua Foundation – HK.”)